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Align Biopharma Announces New Identity Management Standard Available for Life Sciences Industry Input

Industry group’s first technology standard to make it easier for healthcare professionals to access online content

NEW YORK – April 10, 2017Align BiopharmaTM, a life sciences industry standards group that includes eight of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies, today announced its first technology standard is available for industrywide review and input.

A cross-functional team of domain experts developed Align Biopharma’s new identity management standard which defines the technical requirements for registration, verification, and authentication processes that solutions should follow to enable a single sign-on service for healthcare professionals (HCPs). The goal of the standard is to improve the HCP experience in accessing information and online content across various websites, portals, virtual events, or webinars for all life sciences companies.

Align Biopharma is committed to creating open technology standards for life sciences. Therefore, the group is soliciting public review and input for its identity management standard through June 9, 2017 on its website at Once public input is received, Align Biopharma will make the final standard available in summer 2017.

While its first standard is under public review, Align Biopharma will begin development of its second standard for consent and preference management. The consent and preference management standard will enable consistency in how healthcare professionals specify communication preferences with each life sciences company. Align Biopharma expects to post its second standard for public review and input later this year.

Align Biopharma Expands Members and Leadership

Align Biopharma added two new members to the group, including Eli Lilly and Company. In addition to its founding members, Align Biopharma now includes eight top global pharma companies. The group expects to continue to expand its membership as more companies dedicate resources to helping create standards to make it easier for HCPs to work with life sciences companies.

“Align Biopharma represents our collective commitment to simplify how healthcare professionals get the drug and treatment information they need to deliver care to patients,” said Jennifer Oleksiw, vice president and information officer at Lilly. “Lilly is proud to come together with other industry leaders to improve digital engagement between us and our shared customers.”

In addition to its new members, Align Biopharma named Henry Levy as president of the group. Levy has nearly 25 years of experience transforming the way the biopharmaceutical industry improves patient health. He currently serves as chief strategy officer at Veeva Systems where he represents the company in various industry collaborations. Previously, he was chief commercial officer at PPD, one of the world’s largest CROs, and head of Accenture’s global life sciences R&D practice.

“There is significant potential for life sciences companies to use digital technology to improve patient engagement by getting timely, tailored treatment information to healthcare professionals,” said Henry Levy, president of Align Biopharma. “Align Biopharma will continue to move with great speed to deepen collaboration across the industry and transform the HCP experience.”

For more information on Align Biopharma, visit to learn about its mission and technology standards in development.

About Align Biopharma

Align Biopharma is an industry standards group made up of leading pharmaceutical companies and Veeva Systems Inc. that is dedicated to making it faster and easier for healthcare professionals to connect with the life sciences industry. For more information, visit


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